How to register for Hockey or Scholarships/ Cómo registrarse y cómo obtener becas

Thank you parents for your patience! We know registering takes up a lot of time.

Note: For parents of 8U/10U/12U players, registration is a three-step process and requires paying fees in two different portals. This is not ideal but it has to do with the scholarship structure for those who need it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Step 1: Register for a USA Hockey Number

If you haven't done so already, click on the link below to register for USA hockey and obtain a registration number. This ensures that everyone has a minimum of insurance coverage and can participate in USA hockey events.

Step 2: Register With Crossbar

On our website, click the link below to register your player. You will be prompted to add participants, and then to add the USA hockey number and then to pay fees.

Below is a screenshot of what you will see for fees.

  • For 8U/10U/12U: This is where you pay registration fees.
  • Everyone else: This is where you pay for the whole season. Or you can pay in installments or ask for a scholarship.

Step 3 for 8U/ 10U /12U: Register through the city

For players between 6 and 12, an additional registration is required through the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department (CRPD).

Step 4: (Optional) Apply for scholarships

Hockey is for everyone! Apply here for financial assistance.

Step 5: Celebrate! You're an ice eagle!

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