CIHC JV High School Hockey

Columbus Ice Hockey Club offers high school competitive hockey for high school players between the ages of 14 and 18. CIHC also has a developmental midget program for players that don't meet the skill level required to play competitive high school hockey. The excellent coaching at CIHC focuses on skill development and growth for all players at all experience levels through on- and off-ice training.


What aged players are appropriate for this program?

Players between the ages of 14 and 18 that are currently enrolled in high school . This is CIHC's OSHL team.


What time of the year does this program run?

The Season begins with off ice training and conditioning in September, tryouts art first 3 weekend in Oct. League games begin Nov. and runs until playoffs in February.


Where are practices and games typically held?

In September off ice conditioning starts. In October, on-ice practices are held at the Chiller rinks. From November through February, on-ice practices and home games are at the Ohio Expo Center, Taft Coliseum. 


When are practices and how often are they?

Starting in November, on-ice practices are 2 times per week. These are typically held on Monday and Tuesday evenings at the Fairgrounds. CIHC also offers off-ice practice on our synthetic ice at Thompson Recreation Center throughout the week. Goalie practices are held on Wednesday evenings.


How many games will they play? What days of the week?

Example: Teams will play 20-30 games over the course of the season with 3 additional tournaments, Thanksgiving, MLK and Blue Jackets Cup. Games will usually fall on the weekends.


JV jerseys are required, first year players receive a set with their team fees. If a returning player wishes to purchase another set through CIHC they can, Total cost is $200.. Each set includes a light and dark jersey with light and dark socks.

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