UPCOMING CIHC opportunities in Summer 2023

Hello CIHC Hockey Program Families and Friends!  We have some exciting opportunities coming up this Summer of 2023! 

First we have our Summer CRPD Pond Hockey Skates.  You will need to register your players for each session using the links provided.  This registration is being done through the City of Columbus registration site ACTIVE.  You will need to create an account if you don't already have one.   If you would like more information please contact Coach Chris (crhoye@columbus.gov) or Coach John (jmhaferman@columbus.gov). 

 To Register for Pond Hockey please follow this link: for 6/28/23 (CLICK HERE); Please follow this link: for 7/12/23 (CLICK HERE); Please follow this link for 7/19/23 (CLICK HERE); Please follow this link for 7/26/23 (CLICK HERE); Please follow this link for 8/2/23 (CLICK HERE).

Second CRPD and CIHC are setting up our annual Summer Skating Enrichment program for all CRPD centers community partners.  All our players from last season are invited to join in the fun!  We ask that if your player is coming to any of the skates (schedule posted below) that you give both coach Chris (crhoye@columbus.gov)  and coach John (jmhaferman@columbus.gov) an email to let us know your player is coming and on which date.  Each of the skates with the rec. centers starts with a skating lesson first (approx. 20 minutes) followed by open skate, and we encourage all our players to help those participants who are skating for the first time.


  DATE                          TIME                          RINK

Mon June 26th         1:30 PM                      North 1

Tue June 27th          1:00 PM                      Dublin 1

Wed June 28th         1:00 PM                      Dublin 1

Thu June 29th          1:00 PM                      Dublin 1

Fri June 30th             1:00 PM                     Dublin 1

Mon July 3rd             12:50 PM                   North 1

Wed July 5th             1:00 PM                     North 1

Thu July 6th              1:00 PM                     North 1

Fri July 7th                 1:00 PM                    Dublin 1

Mon July 10th           1:00 PM                    Dublin 2

Tue July 11th            1:30 PM                    Dublin 1

Wed July 12th           1:30 PM                    Dublin 1

Thu July 13th            1:30 PM                    Dublin 1

Fri July 14th              1:30 PM                    Dublin 1

Mon July 17th          12:00 PM                   Easton 1

Tue July 18th           1:30 PM                     Easton 2

Wed July 19th          1:00 PM                     Easton 1

Thr July 20th            1:00 PM                     Dublin 2

Fri July 21st              1:00 PM                     Dublin 1

Mon July 24th          1:00 PM                     Dublin 1

Tue July 25th            1:00 PM                    Easton 2

Wed July 26th           1:00 PM                    North 3

Thr July 27th             1:00 PM                    Easton 2

Fri July 28th               1:00 PM                    Easton 2

Mon July 31st             1:00 PM                   Easton 1

Tue August 1st           1:00 PM                   Dublin 2

Wed August 2nd         1:00 PM                  Easton 1

Thr August 3rd            1:00 PM                  Dublin 2

Fri August 4th             1:00 PM                  Dublin 2

Coach Chris   &    Coach John